consultingKMG has over 20 years of experience offering professional advice and consultancy to a diverse range of organizations and industries. From professionally recognized and certificated audits through to general business consultancy, KMG offers information to help improve your absence management program. In addition to our general consultancy services, KMG delivers specialized assessments that provide in depth and defensible information on an individual’s cognitive, physical, and/or psychological function.

Our consulting and project work includes:

  • Assisting organizations with the preparation of bids and proposals for external customers and contracts.
  • Auditing organizations to determine gaps in absence and disability management protocols, with recommendations and implementation plans.
  • Establishing and monitoring standards for service delivery.
  • Preparing written policies and procedures for service delivery.
  • Providing education and training on effective return to work programs and disability and absence management using an internationally recognized education program that meets local and international benchmarks.
  • Access to experienced professionals on an ad hoc or regular basis to assist internal staff with complex files and situations.
  • Preparing organizations for audit accreditation.
  • Data collection and research to support internal quality improvement, customer retention, meet legal requirements, and support contractual obligations.